Ah, a visitor from a distant land!

Welcome, weary traveller. Take a seat, drink some water. You must be wondering what this place is. Answers will come in due time.

My apologies, I do forget my introductions sometimes. I am Martin Brennan, the keeper of this codex. I am a writer, and above all I enjoy writing genre fiction. I write horror, sci-fi, fantasy, western, and everything else in-between, first in longhand or at the typewriter, then processed into the devil-machine.

This website serves as a collection of my writing. Words, as you well know, are unruly and must be pruned regularly, lest they strangle an unwary writer. This codex has many fragments, including:

  • Worldbuilding for the fictional worlds and stories I create
  • Fully formed essays and traditional blog posts
  • Thoughts about books, films, music, and other art

We must remember to honour those masters who came before us. The authors that inspire me and prompt me to do better are Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, J. R. R. Tolkien, Hunter S. Thompson, John Steinbeck, and Kurt Vonnegut.

I apologise, but I must attend to my current manuscript now. It’s quite combative, and needs a stern talking-to every now and then. You may find me @mjrbrennan or email me at mjrbrennan@gmail.com if you have further queries.

Desert with cactii. View Along the Gila. Cereus Giganteus. The botanical works of the late George Engelmann, collected for Henry Shaw, esq.

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