Revana is a nation on the southern continent, on the southeastern side of what the Revanans call the Ulanbarov Mountains. It is comprised mostly of wide grassland and savannah, as well as rolling hills where great hill-cities are built. The Long Coast of Revana stretches for hundreds of miles, from the mountains in the west to the Avelaar Peninsula in the east. Revana is often in turmoil from many competing religions, all following their own dieties and leaders, though at the time of [[ Alorn Torgond I ]] it was firmly in the grip of the Patriarchs of Azbrev.

The Revanans are a hardy and belligerent people, ambitious and greedy on the whole. They are great ranchers and have vast herds of cattle, as well as trading in saffron, poppies, and pepper.

There are several major cities where the Patriarchs of Azbrev make their seat. There is Yenisev in the west beneath the Ulabarov Mountains, Cantemir on the Long Coast, and Nemezgar to the east on the Avelaar Peninsula. The King of Revana moves his court between these three cities in times of peace, but will stay secure in the citadel of Cantemir in times of war.

There are many hill-cities, harbour towns, and larger villages in Revana. Some of the larger hill-cities are Novostra and Gadrov in the southern interior; major harbour towns were Rovanov in the southeast where the forefathers of the Revanans first landed, and Nova Saralas on the southern coast.

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