Arisen Knights

The Arisen Knights is used to both refer to a holy warrior order and the group of five original followers of [[ Alorn Torgond I ]]. The original followers are named [[ Jorm ]], [[ Telgor ]], [[ Ustor ]], [[ Lorhan ]], and [[ Bor ]].


The first of the Arisen, who followed Alorn I from the very beginning in the streets of Navostra.

Jorm’s amber eyes were full of concern beneath the fine brows and long auburn hair. Jorm had a face that you immediately trusted, nobility without pride, caring without weakness, and strength without cruelty.


Ustor had outstripped the other animals on his father’s farm in eating before he was five, and it showed. Ustor was huge and barrel chested, with a full bushy black beard streaked with grey, chocolate-brown eyes, and long flowing black hair kept out of his face with a crimson silk headband in the Revanan style.


Lorhan, a mournful knight whose raven-dark hair fell in graceful curtains around golden eyes and high cheekbones. Lorhan was a descendent of the people of Palen the Smith in the south of Saralas, and he was dour and stoic like those ancestors who had delt among the mines and mountains.



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