When walking beneath the canopy, you may come across links like this. Hover over them with your mouse and you will see a premonition of things to come. Every sacred scroll has a section like this to help you find your way in the maze as Theseus once did:

Some notes are callow youths frolicking under a new moon, while others are wizened elders savouring the last full moon of winter. A “fullness” rating attached to each note represents how fleshed out the ideas within are.

  • 🌑 - New moon. The note has recently been created and is little more than a placeholder.
  • 🌒 - Waxing crescent. There is a little more detail here, but still much more to come. I may not have found the subject that interesting, or I could not find the words or the time to expand.
  • 🌓 - First quarter. The note is reasonably well developed but lacks depth. Most of the scrolls you find will be in this state. Maybe some day they will wax to full.
  • 🌕 - Full moon. I will rarely touch these scrolls. They are ready to be stored in the annals, and are fleshed out fully with well-developed ideas on the topic.

Wander over to the Library to see what I mean. An example of 🌕 is Brave New World, an example of 🌒 is I Am Legend.

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