I am Martin Brennan, an Australian writer, and above all I enjoy writing genre fiction. I write horror, sci-fi, fantasy, western, and everything else in-between, first in longhand or at the typewriter, then processed into the devil-machine.

My published works and the manuscripts that I am currently working on are listed below, as well as an index of stories that I have written and posted on this blog, and links to various works in full. The links to my current manuscripts are knowledge bases where I write backstory and worldbuilding for these novels.

Martin Brennan, Writer

Published Works

Swamp Lullaby (TL;DR Press Horror Anthology 2020)

A short story I wrote for the TL;DR press NOPE 2 horror anthology. This story was featured on the TL;DR press Twitter, and read along with 5 other published stories and poems at a Halloween reading, receiving a lot of positive feedback.

Big Billy Claret, more than a ghost but less than a man, has been wandering the bayou a long time. Many have tried to kill him for good, but they didn’t know his secret. When Billy takes a young boy called Easton, the boy’s father will stop at nothing to get him back.

Only The Dead (TL;DR Press Family Anthology 2019)

A short story I wrote for the TL;DR press Kindred family anthology. Only the Dead was written as a backstory piece for the primary antagonist of The Thaw, though it is a standalone story in its own right.

Colonel Cortland Briggs reflects on his life of war in a crumbling Columbus, Georgia cemetery, long after an event which plunged America into chaos.


Each manuscript has a dedicated hub, please pick your poison:

The Thaw

The Thaw is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival novel set in the heart of America in 2003.

Bottom Feeders

Bottom Feeders is a dark comedy crime drama novel set in a fictionalized Californian town called Whiteport in 1984.

The Marrow King Saga (Concept stage)

The Marrow King Saga is a series of fantasy novels set in a yet-unnamed world made up of the kingdoms of Altor, Revana, Zakour, and Lacera.

Louisiana Dreamin’ (Concept stage)

Louisiana Dreamin’ is a young adult horror and dark fantasy novel set in the rural towns and swamps of Louisiana in 1989.


Along with these short stories I have several short novellas (9-15k words) which I’m not quite sure what to do with, as they seem to be of too strange a size to submit anywhere, and some other stories not published on this blog because they have been submitted to competitions or otherwise held back for future submissions.

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