The Marrow King Saga

The Marrow King Saga is a series of fantasy novels set in a yet-unnamed world made up of the kingdoms of Altor, Revana, Zakour, and Lacera.

The chronicles of the titular Marrow King, once known as Alorn Torgond, who is cursed by God along with his male descendants to eternal undeath until the line of Torgond is no more. The last-dead male of each generation of the line of Torgond is doomed to become the Marrow King, until redemption is attained and the curse is broken. Spanning from the first voyage of the Dawnfleet of Alorn Torgond, fleeing religious persecution in Revana, through eight generations of marriage, intrigue, faith, and war with both the living and the dead.

Read the Marrow King Book One Summary to get a better idea of the beginnings of the story, dealing with Alorn Torgond I’s first landfall in Altor, and the misery that he brought upon his house there.

The Line of Torgond

Behold! The mighty Line of Torgond with my annotations (I’m still not content with some of the names, and many places and people are still taking shape in the ether).

Line of Torgond

Rough map

The world is yet unnamed, though each continent has been discovered and named. [[ Saralas ]] plays an important part in the history of the kingdoms of the people of the east and south, and Zakour plays an important part in the history of the people of the west and the north.

Rough map of the world of the Marrow King

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