Line Of Torgond

Line of Torgond

Many were of the cursed Line of Torgond. The line began in Altor, with Alorn I Torgond declaring himself king of the dawnfolk and the promised land.

1st Generation

Alorn I Torgond

Married Telena Oren. Alorn was the first leader of the dawnfolk and the prophet that was given dreams and premonitions by Usol to lead the dawnfolk to the promised land of Altor, where he would find the Valley of Dawn. Born in Revana to simple ranchers, at a young age Alorn first saw visions from Usol as he woke one day to work, and from them on he set about gathering followers to his cause.


  • Feorn Torgond
  • Alena Torgond
  • Lorhan Torgond
  • Beorn Torgond

2nd Generation

Issue of Beorn “The Righteous” Torgond, the third-born son of Alorn I. Married Divia Oren.

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