Religions Of Revana


Azbrevism is the de facto state religion in Revana. It is structured in a strict hierarchical organization where wealth and ambition are more valuable traits than piety and humility if one is to become one of the Abaas or Patriarchs. The Azbrev religion focuses heavily on blood rituals, both animal and human sacrifice are common to bless harvests and pray for rain in the vast grasslands of Revana. The two-headed bull is a symbol of great strength and vitality for the Azbrevites, and is common in their religious iconography, often cast in brass, and for many rituals bull skulls and horns are used.

Hieromonks are the lowest of the Azbrev religious order, and usually there is one of them in most average sized villages. Abaas are in charge of a hill-city or a harbour town or larger villages of the savannah. There are only three Patriarchs who rule over all, and they are seated at the three great cities of Revana – one at Cantemir at the center of the Long Coast, one at Nemezgar on the Avelaar Peninsula which reaches out to touch Laceran Archipelago, and the final seated far to the west in Yenisev, beneath the shadow of the Ulanbarov Mountains, bordering the southernmost end of the lands of Zakour, where barbarian tribes often attack into Revanan land.

The hieromonks wear simple grey or brown robes and have their hair and beards plain and unstyled. Abaas wear black robes, adorned with a bronze ring on each index finger and a silver dagger used for ritual sacrifice, their hair and bear is allowed to be braided into a single length. Patriarchs wear crimson red robes and carry staffs made from ebony and detailed in brass, a tall square-shaped hat on their head, their long hair often flowing to their waist and braided into complicated patterns with gems, brass, and gold decorating them.

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