Sarah Hayes

Appears in The Thaw

Daughter of Sam Hayes and Michelle Hayes, Sarah was born in Pine Bluff in 1989, and is another protagonist of The Thaw. Sarah’s early childhood was mostly happy, Sam and Michelle didn’t have a lot of money, but Sarah was often spoiled by her grandfather, and she had friends and teachers she loved. Only eight years old when the dead rose, Sarah’s life became a constant struggle for survival as her father led her through the wild and taught and raised her the best he could. Sarah can remember little of her mother or her early years, many of the memories locked away behind a protective veil, her mind’s way of protecting her from the horrors she has witnessed.

Now, with her father on a long journey with the Gardeners, Sarah must learn to fend for herself for the first time in five years and grow into a young woman, as the threat of The King and his pirates invade the Island.

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