Eric Johnson

Appears in The Thaw

Eric is an orphan, born in 1986 in Charlotte North Carolina. Eric’s mother and father were killed very early on after the Thaw, leaving him to fend for himself in the dark and the wilderness for several years, constantly on the edge of starvation and death until he found the Island. Eric is involved with [[ Cathy Darrow ]], and their carelessness leads to the death of [[ Anthony Watts ]] at the beginning of The Thaw. Their relationship is somewhat strained by this, and a feeling of being trapped leads Eric to join the Gardeners on their journey to Colorado, which Cathy cannot forgive him for. Eric is taken as a ward by Gloria Palermo on the road, who teaches him scouting and reconnaissance, as well as Colonel Cortland Briggs, who teaches him shooting and combat and survival skills.

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